Projekty w trakcie realizacji

  • Symfonia (NCN) 2015-2019: "Optimization of biocompatible scaffolds combining graphene and defined stem cell populations for tissue regeneration" 
  • Sonata-Bis (NCN) 2014-2017: "Studies of efficacy of microvesicles derived from genetically modified stem cells as carriers for proangiogenic and cardiomyogenic miRNA" 

Projekty zrealizowane

  • Homing Plus (FNP) 2013-2015: "Stem cell- derieved microvesicles as carriers of designer nucleases for genome editing"
  • TEAM (FNP) 2012-2015: "Bioactive stem cell- derived microvesicles as a novel tool for tissue regeneration"
  • (NCBiR) 2010-2015: "Innovative methods for applications of stem cells in medicine"
  • (MNiSW/ NCN) 2010-2014: "Optimization of preparation of antigenically- defined mesenchymal stem cells for regenerative heart repair after myocardial infarction" 
  • Homing Plus (FNP) 2008-2011: "Mobilization of populations of stem/ primitive cells into blood of patients with ischemic heart disease"